Why Your Skin Needs An MOT

Why Your Skin Needs An MOT

Why Your Skin Needs An MOT

Every year, cars in the UK that are 3 years or older are required to get an MOT to ensure that all is well and that they are still roadworthy. Even though our skin doesn't need a certificate to be displayed publicly, it is still a good idea to take some time to give it the TLC it deserves.  


The effect of seasonal weather changes, especially during the colder months, can take a significant toll on your skin. Facial skin ravaged by exposure to the elements can exhibit symptoms of dryness, flaking, itching and discolouration. A check-up and revised skincare regime is a must and here are some tips to help you get started. 



Sun protection

First and foremost, your best defence for skincare all year round is SPF protection. Even during the colder months, you need to continue to apply sunscreen with SPF15 or greater when outside. Even though you might think the sun’s damaging effects are diminished during the colder months, nothing could be farther from the truth. The reflection of the sun off snow and ice can be particularly damaging and so can those rays of light that come through office or vehicle windows. 


Stay moisturised

Maintaining the skin’s moisture content during the winter months is also critical. The skin is typically well hydrated after a warm shower or steaming facial. Immediately seal in the moisture with a skin cream rich in emollients. Moisturizers keep the skin conditioned while offering protection against the harsh effects of the cold. The drier the skin becomes, the more frequently a moisturizer should be applied. Try to limit your use of soaps as they will only dry out the skin more. Instead, try using a super-rich cleanser such as one with a soy or oatmeal ingredient to give your skin a conditioning treatment as you cleanse. 

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Exfoliate regularly

Although it may seem contradictory, dry skin benefits tremendously from exfoliation to help eliminate the flaking skin cells, smooth your skin and promote cell rejuvenation. Whether you choose to use a chemical exfoliant such as an AHA product like glycolic acid or a mechanical means such as a facial scrub, incorporating a means of exfoliation into your routine at least a few times a week can dramatically improve dry skin. 


If in doubt, check it out! 

If you have new skin complaints, moles or marks, please book an appointment with a doctor to rule out anything life-threatening. Staying ahead of the game as far as your health is concerned is usually 90% of the battle. With your skin, this is also true. Spotting early signs of cancer and taking care of them as they arise is not only smart, it could end up saving your life.


Get some professional skincare guidance 

This might seem quite obvious but it’s amazing how the advice that is often staring us in the face is more often than not overlooked in favour of something else but, if you’ve found yourself struggling with a skincare routine, a specialist can help you establish just that. But they won’t just help you get disciplined; they’ll also give you insights into what your skin needs and why. Think of it as part organizational, part learning process. Often it helps to not only know what we are supposed to do but why we are supposed to do it and a skincare MOT with a professional like a dermatologist will keep you on track and adapt to changing circumstances as they arise. 


Here to help 

Are you still struggling with getting started on a skincare routine? Need some help establishing your skincare MOT? StylzMag can help you find a dermatologist to help you get started, click here.