MUA Spotlight: Siew Gratton

MUA Spotlight: Siew Gratton

MUA Spotlight: Siew Gratton

Siew Gratton is a multi-skilled makeup artist and hairstylist with over 15 years of experience across fashion, beauty, wedding and film. Her ability to work across cultures and genres was highly evident in the recent ‘My Cultural Style’ video campaign for Cultural Style Week. We caught up with Siew to find out more about the person behind the remarkable talent!  



How did you get into hair and makeup?

As far as I can remember, I was always playing with my mother’s cosmetics and beauty products. I was interested in beauty from my childhood so learning about how to enhance beauty was one of my driving forces.  My first insight into the beauty industry was as an apprentice hairstylist in 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I then went on to work in a makeover studio in 1999 where I started my long-term career as a makeup artist and hairstylist before moving to London in 2007.


The video shoot for ‘My Cultural Style’ featured seven models from diverse backgrounds. How did you approach the day and get everyone done in time? They all looked amazing by the way! 

I approached the 'My Cultural Style' project the same way I approach every job. Firstly, communication is everything! Understanding the project concept and knowing what kind of results, acts as a compass for me. I always do extensive research before starting each project, it helps to speeds up the process. Flexibility is required and the need to expect the unexpected! I aim to stay solution orientated when challenges arise and always carry a respectful, calm, confident and warm presence with me. A little kindness goes a long way!


Secondly, having great social skills is as important as having great makeup and hairstyling skills. People will need to have some level of trust in you before they would ask or allow you to do their makeup and hair. 

Ultimately, a person's makeup and hairstyle are is a form of self-expression that conveys the identity of each unique individual through appearance. Makeup artists and hairstylists will need to get a sense of that identity “vibe” to create a look that goes in line with the client's objectives. Focusing on achieving the best result while enjoying the process is often the best way to work! And never be afraid to go that extra mile!




If you weren’t doing hair and makeup you’d probably be….?

I would probably be a spiritual teacher. Because I’m very spiritual but not religious. I’m also empathic but I know my boundary. I love to remind people of their own powers through love, not fear!


Three words that best describe you are..

Driven, Passionate, Creative and Empathetic.
I know you have only asked for three words, but I feel that the fourth word ‘Empathetic’ is very relevant to me.


Five hair and beauty products you couldn’t do without

I'll be cheeky and list five beauty products and five hair products. The beauty products would be eyeliner, concealer, lip balm, moisturiser and coconut oil as a makeup remover.

My five hair products would be Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray because it's almost hurricane-proof!
A GHD straightener, tongs, tail comb and hairpins.


What is the most memorable moment of your career so far?

My most memorable is seeing the expression of a client who had tears in her eyes when she looked at the mirror after her makeover session with me. She was so happy and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked! She gave me a genuine hug of appreciation. That meant a lot to me. 

It gives me a great sense of fulfilment knowing that the look that I had created for my client had positively helped them at a time when they needed it – whether it was their first date, wedding, photoshoot, business campaign or whatever in between. 


What’s on the horizon for you this year? 

To create more amazing work while enjoying the process, to meet more inspiring people and makes a positive difference with the skills and knowledge that I have. Last but not least, to keep learning, it keeps life exciting!



Siew is available for hair and makeup bookings in and around London and the surrounding areas. She is also available for international bookings. Click here to see her profile.


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