Introducing Vegan Beauty Brand Root Minerals

Introducing Vegan Beauty Brand Root Minerals

Introducing Vegan Beauty Brand Root Minerals

Professional beauty brand Root Minerals provide beauty products that are vegan certified and cruelty-free. Root Mineral products are infused with the power of nature, to enhance your natural beauty and be kinder to your skin.


We are so excited about the addition of Root Mineral beauty products to our marketplace and were blown away by the inspirational story behind the brand. We caught up with the brand founder Jay Bharj to find out more about what inspired these amazing products and to celebrate his entrepreneurial success.



What inspired you to create the Root Minerals beauty brand? 

I once asked my wife Amy why she didn't wear much makeup and she told me that she suffered from super sensitive skin and would break out into spots or have reactions when she applied makeup. It sparked off something deep within and set me on a mission to resolve it for her and others. 

Having always been into natural ingredients and analysing labels carefully, I was in shock to find many known “natural” brands containing harmful and unnecessary ingredients! Bismuth Oxychloride was the culprit causing issues such as spots and irritation. The journey continued, learning everything from T-zones to skin structures and chromosomes to making mineral foundation. In the early days, countless time was spent “testing on the wife” with Turmeric powder and all sorts! 




Wow, so this must have been a labour of love. Your wife must be so proud and pleased to have products that are kinder to her skin. What are her favourite Root Mineral products? 

She is a super proud and grateful bunny indeed! Her favourite product is her foundation shade in "Peanut" and she is also totally addicted to the Mascara and Eyeliner!



You have a very wide range of powder foundations and lipstick shades. What did the selection process include?

The selection process was quite fun! We had makeup artists, industry professionals and even friends and family work with us. Something magical happens when you bring passionate people together!

Amy and I looked to nature and our travels across the world for inspiration. For example, the eyeshadow name "Tropical Waters'' came from our honeymoon in Mexico where we first saw those turquoise blue waters and white sands!



Setting up a new beauty brand must have had its challenges. What has been your most challenging moment so far?

The sourcing of the highest quality natural ingredients ethically was a challenge and the costs involved having such a massive selection of 36 foundation shades, 50+ Super pigment eyeshadows, 20+ lipsticks, Eyeliner and Mascara made us carefully select as it was a huge commitment as a startup!



What is your proudest moment so far? 

One of our proudest moments has been bringing vegan and cruelty-free makeup to the world of beauty pageants and London fashion week. 

We are blessed to be leading the way, making a difference and helping people make kinder choices. Our legacy will ensure generations to come will benefit from us being here.




We saw you at the Kensington Olympia Beauty Expo and your stand was beautiful. In addition to this, your team was very warm and welcoming. It was an amazing experience. How important is good customer care to you? 

Good customer care is deeply rooted in all we do and we genuinely wish to make a difference. We love to connect and vibe with people and brands that share our values!

Kindness, Compassion & Love has driven us to create a brand that truly delivers outstanding quality and high-performance cosmetics for all skin types and undertones no matter what your background or style!

When we were at Olympia beauty is was unheard of to have such a massive selection! This combined with our Vegan Certification massively helped towards our success!



At StylzMag we love to celebrate cultural diversity. What is your cultural heritage and how has it helped you develop your brand?

Great question! A major decision in having such a massive range was to cater for all backgrounds, ethnicity and styles! Especially in our Indian culture which is full of colour and skin tones ranging from light to dark, there have always been challenges finding perfect foundation matches! The world cannot just fit into six shades and make do!! 

I am from a Sikh background and have been able to transfer some key values to the company which have become our guiding star in the crazy times!! A big value is earning an honest living. Doing right by people to the best of your ability (we're all learning right!). Service to humanity is deeply rooted along with compassion, humility and spirituality. If you look back in history to date Sikh holy temples known as Gurudwaras have open doors to feed anyone no matter their background. 

They stand up for injustice and defend valiantly. I guess the courage also to help those who can't speak for themselves, like our furry friends and those poor animals of the world who are being abused and tested on. 

Part of creating a kinder world not just for ourselves through safe non-toxic makeup but for everyone and generations to come will thank us for pioneering the way!



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