Festive Celebration Makeup Looks

November 30, 2021

The festive party season is upon us and we have put together a selection of makeup looks for all skin tones and glam levels!


Introducing Vegan Beauty Brand Root Minerals

November 11, 2021

We caught up with the brand founder Jay Bharj to find out more about what inspired these amazing products and to celebrate his entrepreneurial success.


Interview With StylzMag Founder

November 08, 2021

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and a great opportunity to celebrate and interview StylzMag founder Candy Ellie Graham.


Diwali 2021 Fashion

November 07, 2021

Diwali may be over but social media is still alight with some of the stunning outfits worn during this year's celebrations. 


Damaging Protective Hairstyles

October 21, 2021

Some protective hairstyles can do the exact opposite causing long-term hair damage and alopecia.


Meet The Man Behind The SliderCuts Brand

October 01, 2021

SliderCuts is now on StylzMag! We caught up with the man behind the brand, celebrity barber and entrepreneur MarK Maciver.


Why Your Skin Needs An MOT

September 30, 2021

Even though your skin doesn't need a MOT certificate to be displayed publicly, our tips will show you how to give it the TLC it deserves.  


Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

September 08, 2021

You have found an amazing MUA but they have no insurance or accreditation. Is it safe to still book their services?


Short Cut and Colour Inspiration For Afro hair

August 24, 2021

Style inspiration and maintenance tips for short Afro hairstyles.


How To Find The Right Tailor to Make Your Custom Outfit

August 18, 2021

These tips can help you сhооѕе thе right tаilоr for bespoke tailoring services.